TLSO Hyperextension Orthoses

SLEEQ MAX is the result of extensive research, development and testing that combines the innovative SLEEQ universal brace platform with the legendary superiority of Townsend’s rigid brace designs. Our team of clinical experts has designed a post-op/post-injury universal TLSO that delivers maximum control with minimum effort for both the patient and clinician.Recommended for: Moderate to severe sagittal and coronal transverse plane motion restriction / increased intracavitary pressure to reduce spine and disc loading / mechanical or discogenic thoracic lumbar and extremity pain / post-operative spinal stabilization / fusion / degenerative disc disease / post-injury to facilitate healing / spondylolysis / spinal stenosis / spondylolisthesis / spondylosis, laminectomy / discectomy / facet syndrome / spinal muscle weakness / arthritis / low back sprains, strains and prophylactic back support.FeaturesPatented InvisAdjustTM universal sizing technologyRigid tri-planar controlSteel sternal bar assemblyEasy to apply & wearFull-circumference shell designSteps down to LSO to accommodate patient recovery