Shoulder Slings

AeroSling is the perfect universal solution for post-op / post-injury shoulder immobilization and positioning. The lightweight aluminum frame adapts to all body types and provides multi-planar adjustability for optimal abduction and rotational positioning. The patient experience is enhanced by premium breathable materials, a one-handed buckle design that makes donning easy, and as healing progresses, the brace steps down to a simplified sling.

Recommended for:

Post-injury or post-surgical shoulder immobilization / rotator cuff injuries and repairs / joint reconstruction, glenohumeral dislocations / subluxation / muscle, ligament, and tendon repair / capsule repairs / shoulder instabilities / Bankart lesions / SLAP lesions.


  • Universal sizing reduces inventory
  • Multi-planar adjustability for specific post-op/post-injury abduction and rotation positioning
  • Lightweight malleable frame easily adjusts to all body types
  • Premium breathable materials
  • One-handed buckle design provides easy donning
  • Hand-grip keeps arm from migrating distally
  • Adjusts for use on left or right shoulder