SpryStep® Neuro

Locking Immobilization & Hyperextension

Durable, versatile and lightweight, the SpryStep® KO combines the power of modern composite manufacturing with trusted Thuasne technologies. Recommended for: Severe instabilities or hyperextension that require a locking or heavy duty hinge orthosis.FeaturesMultiple shell configurations, a variety of joint options and different levels of stiffness and rigidity.OptionsFullShell design: for better suspension and stabilization with tissue controlAnterior or posterior shells configurations from various length3 levels of stiffness for more depending patients (ex: impact sports)C/S package: paring of semi-rigid sub-shells joined by anterior and posterior straps to improve brace’s suspension(NB: not available on Full-Shell)Compression/Suspension anti-migration packageExtension AssistSizingCustom from a digital scan