Polar Vortex



If you're suffering from an injury or pain after surgery, the Polar Vortex cold therapy unit provides controlled cold water therapy, meeting a variety of indications to help patients manage pain and swelling. Cold therapy provides an effective and soothing treatment for reducing post-surgery pain and swelling. Also improves joint function and quality of life. Polar Vortex Package includes: Ice therapy machine, Therapy pad, Foam-insulated connector tubing, Adjustable secure straps


  • Product Weight (lbs) : 7.89375
  • Length (cm) : 33
  • Width (cm) : 33
  • Height (cm) : 30


  • PORTABLE: Take your cold water therapy machine anywhere. Use it at home or on the go for targeted relief from pain. Perfect for use in any space in the home and easy to empty.
  • CLEAR BASIN: Clear insultated reservoir allows for easy to see ice-level. Know when your icing machine needs to be refilled to keep the continuous cold therapy flowing.
  • SIMPLE: The easy on/off switch allows you to get your relief when you need it without confusing instructions. Similar units contain cumbersome controls that can be overwhelming, but Polar Vortex keeps it simple.
  • QUIET: Polar Vortex uses a quiet motor for a soothing ice therapy machine that allows you to properly relieve and rehabilitate injuries. This unit offers continuous recirculating cold therapy in an effective but simple design.
  • HEALING RELIEF: Reduces pain and swelling to help speed up rehabilitation. Knees, shoulders, and more find relief whether you're recovering from sports strain or on the mend from surgery.