Walking Boots

Splints and Boots

The XLR8 Walker is a full shell pneumatic walking boot that provides a precise anatomical fit and protection for the toe and foot while allowing the patient to walk naturally and comfortably.Recommended for: Ligament and tendon related trauma or injuries / severe sprains / stable fracture of the foot and front of foot / pre/post-operative ankle stabilization.FeaturesFull shell structure for optimal immobilizationPneumatic bladder with built-in air pumpComfortable padded insoleEasy to inflate and deflateShock absorbing outer sole rocker allows smooth and natural gaitSpecial closed toe design accommodates requirements of OSHA, allowing users to return to work quickly and safely**Thuasne USA products have not been evaluated or specified to meet ASTM or ANSI standards and have not been approved for OSHA complianceOptionsHeel wedgesMid-calf or full-calf models availableUniversal left or right