Potential Users:

• Patients who have Severe Knee instability

• Quadriceps laxity that requires the use of a knee brace with locking hinges.


​The only OTS Locking Brace Available. It is a rigid aluminum with locking hinges. Available in Standard sizes only as it is ONLY OTS

Rebel Series

Not Available in Custom​

Available in OTS sizes XS-XXXL

12" or 16" Model Available

​Available with Standard or TM5+ Dynamic Hinges.

Many other options available.. Call us for more information!

Post + Cam Hinge

Fitted with Townsend's patented hinge technology which moves to the anitomically correct ROM of your knee.

We carry both Off-The-Shelf (Only Available in Matte Black) and Custom Knee Bracing Solutions for Both Ligament Damage + Arthritis Control. All shown products are made by Townsend Bracing. Please contact us for pricing!

Bold Knee Brace

The BOLD brace blends a very rigid superstructure with semi-malleable upper and lower cuffs to provide exceptional control and a comfortable fit.

Ligament Bracing

Premier Trigger

Low Proflie, Rigid Knee orthosis that can be ordered with a variety of hinge and shell combinations. A truly custom locking knee brace with innovative features that are easy to use.

RebelLock has conventional ROM hinges.

Premier Trigger has a Single Pivot Trigger Lock system integrated with cables throughout the chassis of the brace for ease of use.

Rebel Reliever

12" Model

All of the Durability and Stability as the 16" model. 2" less on the thighs, 2" less on Calves.

Potential Users:

•Unicompartment OA
•Articular Cartilage Defect Repair

•Meniscal Cartilage Repair
•Osteochondral Defect Repair

Decompressive Single Upright OA knee brace designed to reduce load on one side of the knee that has been injured or progressively degenerated. 

Bold Knee Brace

Available Off the Shelf in Sizes XS-XXL (Matte Black Only).

​Can be Custom fitted via Measurements or a 3D scan of the affected limb (Custom Only).

Available in a Multitude of colours and designs.

Posterior Tibial Shell, Or Double Anterior Tibial Bands available upon request

Arthritic Bracing

Our braces are fabricated with dual Loadshifters. This means that the brace can be used universally for Medial and Lateral OA. The uprights can be lengthened/shortened to shift the thigh shell +/- 18 degrees to suit your individual needs.

Not available in Custom

Available in OTS Sizes S-XL 

No Color Options

Made of Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

​​Custom Sizes Available

Available in OTS sizes S-XXL

Patented adjusting Loadshifters

Made of Rigid Aircraft Aluminum

Trigger Locking Series

Potential Users:

•Patients diagnosed with Mild to Moderate Medial/Lateral OA
•Patients diagnosed with Mild to Moderate OA in combination with Ligament Instability.

16" Model

Maximum Durability, More control then typical Soft-Shell Products. Our Patented Low Profile Hinges are fully contained inside of reinforced pockets. There is NO exposed metal.

Active Reliever

Sport Series

Knee Bracing

Semi-Rigid Nylon Shell

Enhances stabilization, correction and anti-rotation. Fitted with quick release buckles for patient-friendly ease of use.

Potential Users

•Post-injury, post-surgery protection and control for ligament instabilities
•Prophylactic protection for athletes playing football, hockey and other high risk sports

Potential Users

•Patients who require semi-rigid support for knee sprains
•Patients who have MCL or mild ligament injuries

Potential Users

•Patients who have experienced 
ligament injuries and/or reconstructive knee surgery.

​•Patients who are at a high risk for injury to reoccur due to nature of their specific sport. E.g. Motocross, Football, etc.

Bold Knee Brace w/Optional

Motocross Knee Guard

Optional Knee guard added to the very strong Bold Knee brace in order to further protect vital ligaments and tendons during high-intensity extreme sports.

Can be ordered in multiple different frame and release configurations. 

OTS Sizes available with RebelLock

Custom Sizing available with Premier Trigger

This product can be ordered in Size XS-XXXL

Left or Right

Medial or Lateral OA​

Features Open anterior thigh section for EASY donning and doffing.